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“tax research on a dime” (October 3, 2019)

Oregon State Bar CLE Seminars, Broadbrush Taxation: Tax Law for Non-Tax Lawyers

A special lunchtime presentation to explore common research tools that tax practitioners use, how to use them in a cost-effective manner, and cost-saving alternatives.


“Tax and Entity Considerations for Freelance Lawyers” (June 21, 2019)

Oregon Women Lawyers, OWLS Freelance Lawyer Group

Presenting to peers is both intimidating and fulfilling. Facing a room of fellow lawyers, Rebecca presented tax and corporate law in a manner easily digested by attorneys who haven’t thought about either topic since law school. Chock-full of meaningful information and tips, attendees left the presentation with a better understanding of the business they operate and a list of action items to ensure they are prepared for future tax and compliance deadlines.

Portland Alumnae Chapter  of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

Portland Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

“Working in the Gig Economy” (June 20, 2019)

Sigma Kappa Sorority, Portland Alumnae Chapter

We continue to tradition of Rebecca sharing her legal know-how with young alumnae. This year the conversation was focussed on the work sisters do as independent contracts, freelancers, and makers; the tax implications of such work; protecting your identity by obtaining a tax ID number; and basic bookkeeping skills to ensure all expenses are tracked and accounted. This seminar was attended by Sigma Kappa sisters at the office of Flanagan Legal Services LLC in Portland’s Mount Tabor neighborhood as well as watched and viewed by sisters across the nation via facebook live.

The MOB Nation . #theresaMOBforthat

The MOB Nation. #theresaMOBforthat

“ADULTING 101: A CRASH COURSE IN Estate planning” (March 25, 2019)

The MOB Nation, Portland Chapter

Estate planning can be difficult. It’s rife with dreary subjects: death, taxes, worry about children. Rebecca encourages her clients — predominantly mid-career professionals with families — to think five years in the future and plan for incapacity rather than death. Those in attendance learned the documents that are in a robust estate plan (so much more than a will!) and left with action items that can be completed today to begin the process of safeguarding their assets and planning for the ones they love.


"death + taxes" (august 23, 2018)

Oregon State Bar, New Tax Lawyers Committee

Rebecca presented a cheery look at the plethora of tax returns due after one dies. Spoiler alert: always a personal income tax for decedent, often income tax for estate, and sometimes event estate tax. The lawyers in attendance received CLE credit for this presentation.


"intersectionality: be an agent of change" (june 2018)

Sigma Kappa Sorority, 89th National Convention

Explore intersectionality – the interconnected nature of social categorizations – through self-reflection, small group discussion and case studies. Where do your diversity characteristics overlap to your advantage or disadvantage? What characteristics do you share with your sisters and which are unique to you? Learn simple steps to integrate what you learn in this session into chapter operations and members’ everyday lives.


"adulting 101" (August 2017 + june 2016)

Sigma Kappa Sorority, Portland Alumnae Chapter

Welcome to TRW (the real world), sisters! Join Rebecca as she presents “Adulting 101: a crash course in life after college.” During this educational program, you will learn a bit more about taxes and retirement, eating healthy and meal planning, how to dress professionally on a limited budget, hints for your household, and ten items every young adult should have (spoiler: hex wrenches!). Handouts will be available so you leave with a couple fool-proof recipes that impress, a reminder of what all the financial acronyms mean, and the tips alumnae most want to share.