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No billing surprises.

Money matters.

We are more interested in building relationships with clients than being the cheapest option. Many matters are available at a flat rate, while others are billed at an hourly rate. It is with intention that only a few prices are listed below.  Trust that the work we perform and invoice to you, the client, is substantiated with detailed logs of the time spent on your matter.  All work logs are shared with clients when we wrap-up your project or earlier upon request.  We only work for as long as is required, reaching out to you if a matter is taking longer than estimated at the outset, so you’ll never be over-billed for unproductive time.  General overhead costs such as client intake, file set-up, filing, telephone charges, and copying are just that, overhead, and as such integrated into the hourly rate.  Invoices will include extra-ordinary costs for overnight postage, messengers, and governmental & court filing fees.  Lawyer rates are consistent with experience and local "going rate." We utilize a retainer and matters are generally billed at three junctures: project outset, delivery of first draft, and delivery of final work product. We offer payment plans that fit your budget.

  • Hourly rate: $250 attorney

  • Small business Q&A session: 2-hours for $395

  • Business entity formation: starting at $1,800

  • Estate plan consultation: 2-hours for $395

  • Estate plan preparation: starting at $2,000

  • Document review: starting at $595


Make a payment.

As a small business, we appreciate payments by check and eCheck. It will save us the credit card processing fee (up to 3%). We also understand wanting the convenience (or rewards) that come with paying with a credit card. Go ahead and pay using whichever option is best for you!

If you’re thinking, “paying by credit card instead of check means I don’t have to issue a Form 1099-MISC next January,” we hate to be the bearer of news. Here’s the bad news, businesses are required to issue a 1099-MISC to lawyers regardless of payment method. While we’re on that topic, please share our tax ID number with your accountant: Flanagan Legal Services LLC is EIN 83-2444308. If payment was made to Flanagan Legal Services prior to March 31, 2019—the date we organized as an LLC—please use is EIN 47-4323288.

Mailed payments.

Let us know to expect your payment. If we haven’t received it within a week of mailing, we will reach out to you.


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Online payments.

Established clients will receive an emailed invoice and link to pay it directly. If that invoice isn’t handy, or you’re a new client, go ahead and use these links to make a payment. We’ll take care of accounting on the backside.