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A persistent questioner, Rebecca seeks to learn more each day and in every interaction. And she loves sharing her knowledge with friends, strangers on mass transit, her clients, and you, Dear Readers. In every undertaking from reading to baking, from preparing an estate plan to advising the form a new business ought to take, she is constantly gathering more information and stashing it away for future use . . . kind of like a little squirrel busily working to hide nuts each autumn. Here, on this page, Rebecca shares some of those "nuts" of wisdom that she has squirreled away. Most posts will relate to services offered at Flanagan Legal Services LLC—business, tax, estate—and build a foundation of knowledge for small business owners, taxpayers, and families. Perhaps Rebecca will find a way to weave in her outside-the-office pursuits by explaining a legal theory through a chocolate chip cookie analogy, how an estate plan would have benefited the many wives of Henry VIII, or simply a photo of her adventurous family in nature.

Did you know Rebecca also shares her knowledge through speaking engagements? Comfortable in front of a crowd and camera, Rebecca does not shy away from presenting workshops and seminars to the organizations near and dear to her heart. Click here to read more about her recent presentations.


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